The Team

With over 28 years combined knowledge with Special Education revenue and Medicaid programs we are ready to assist you in receiving the revenue waiting.

Allison Burnett

Allison’s degree in Industrial Engineering and experience as a business analyst provides her with an eye for efficiency, reducing work-loads and maximizing revenue. In her time as a third-party billing coordinator revenue tripled. She has created dynamic excel tools that have been shared with several districts and SpEd Forms has incorporated one of her tools into their software package.

Tiffany Giovanni

With a background in caselaw editing as well as appraisal review, Tiffany's attention to detail has transformed school based third party billing programs into efficient, profitable entities over the last decade. Tiffany excels at taking districts to their full potential by uncovering inefficiencies and providing the solutions necessary to reach an optimized financial result.

Robin Ross

Robin’s experience includes 38 years in special education including assistive technology support. She transitioned into the role of third-party billing specialist and increased revenue each year thereafter. Due to her extensive knowledge and passion, Robin has facilitated many metro area network meetings and been a great resource to new billers.

Trifecta SpEd Revenue Solutions is proud to partner with SpEd Forms an easy to use, reliable, powerful education program.